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Rent a Yacht in Marmaris

Rent a Yacht in Croatia

Croatia crewed or bareboat yacht charter. Having shores at the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the best regions to rent a private yacht to have blue cruise. There are many reasons to rent a yacht in Croatia. Foremost among these, there are Croatia’s natural bays formed due to the indented coastline formations, its flora and its blue-green nature. There are more than a thousand islands in Croatia.

With this aspect, it is an island country just like Greece. Croatia is one of the most important yacht renting destinations because it is very close to the European countries. People who prefer to rent yacht in Croatia, mostly travel by their own vehicles from the countries like Austria and Germany instead of using airlines. Recently, the yacht renting industry in Croatia has increased rapidly and outstrip many other destinations with yacht renting centers.

Luxury Motor Yacht, Gulet or Sailing Yachts in Croatia

As Dh Yachting, we offer our customers a quite wide range of yacht fleet for blue cruising. Our rental yacht fleet generally consists of the motorized yachts, sailed yachts and traditional wood gullet yachts. In order to have a blue cruise, you can complete your reservation by choosing the most suitable yacht for your budget and group.

Take another look at Croatia at the sea and experience the blue cruises. Wish you the happiest memories.

Croatia: As Dh Yachting, we offer a wide range of fleet of yachts to our valued customers for renting a yacht in Croatia. Our Croatia rental fleet consist of motor yachts, sailing yachts and traditional wooden gulet yachts. You can select the most suitable yacht according to your budget and groups for yacht charters in Croatia. Then you can complete your yacht charter Croatia booking.

Croatia Yacht Charter Destinations

Croatia Latest Charter Yachts

Sauron Starting
Cabin 3 Length 22 m
Vouge Starting
Cabin 3 Length 20 m
Catamaran Lotus
Catamaran Lotus Starting
Cabin 3 Length 16 m
Chiarabi Starting
Cabin 3 Length 19 m
Sassy Starting
Cabin 4 Length 19 m
Azimut 46
Azimut 46 Starting
Cabin 3 Length 14 m
Sinbadsan Starting
Cabin 4 Length 23 m
Happy Dolphin II
Happy Dolphin II Starting
Cabin 5 Length 40 m

About Croatia

Croatia is an island country where is in the intersection point of central Europe, Balkans and Mediterranean. The country having many islands is among the world’s favorite places in terms of tourism. The capital, Zagreb, is a historical city which has the highest population. As well as its touristic side, industrialization is also in the foreground. Since Croatia has numerous islands, it is flooded by the visitors who love sea tourism and exploring new places. After the development of the yacht industry, the country became one of the popular tourism centers of recent times. Because of its location in the central Europe, it is intensely preferred by tourists. So the tourism’s contribution to the economy is quite a lot.

Zadar CroatiaZadar Croatia

Croatia is a country that have to be seen in terms of its historical values. Traces of Byzantine, Rome and Ottoman Empires have still been keeping their settlements. Croatia that is neighbor of Adriatic Sea has the opportunity to be neighbour of lots of country. Ports and private yacht marinas are highly contributing to economy of Croatia. Especially with the recognition of yacht sector, Croatia has been significantly in demand during the recent years. The island tours enable you to enjoy your holiday while spending unforgettable times. Dalmatian coast is one of the main places you should see when you come to Croatia. This coast is one of the few places where the history of Venice and Rome can be seen together and it still bears the traces of the Middle Ages.

Dubrovnik is known as the pearl of Adriatic Sea. Baroque Church which is in the city was transformed into museum in order to exhibit precious artifacts from the Middle Ages to the present day. Villages and buildings from antique age was included in the tourism sector by being restored. Dubrovnik where restaurants and pubs are existing is one of the favorite places of Croatia. Beaches that extend along the coastline allow tourists to enjoy the sun and sea. Croatia generally gain income from tourism in summer months and from trade in winter months. Although it is a small country, it offers many options to its visitors by history, sea, sun, natural beauty and islands. Plitvice Lake National Park has a completely natural environment. It is known as the oldest natural park of the Europe with its small hills and waterfall. It has an impressive environment and it is possible to see the untamed bears and wolves in this park. Croatia keeps its position among the places to be seen with its natural places and specially designed areas for its visitors.

Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yachts

You can join a blue cruise where speed, power and aesthetic meet by renting a motor yacht.

Gulet Motorsailer Charter
Gulet Yachts

Turkish Gulets, gulets are wooden yachts which has a unique Turkish traditional design.

Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter

Bareboat are sailing yachts that usually rented by licensed persons without crew.

Catamaran Yacht Charter

They are sailing yachts which has more stable structure comprising from two assembled boats.

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