Rent a Yacht in Kotor, Motor Boat Charter Sailing Yacht Cruises Kotor
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Rent a Yacht in Marmaris

Rent a Yacht in Kotor

Yacht charter in Kotor and crewed gulet cruises. Kotor is one of the most important seaports of Montenegro and even Adriatic Sea. With its rather sheltered and natural bay, Kotor is one of the port of exits preferred by yacht vacation enthusiasts coming from all over the world to charter a yacht and blue cruise the district. Yacht charter industry in Kotor has become a much more demanded alternative form of vacation compared to urban tourism.

Kotor yacht charter industry started to grow thanks to newly produced charter yachts that were brought to the district from various countries. Thus Kotor, one of world's oldest harbor and maritime cities, regain its earned place as a vacation alternative. The best way to explore Kotor is to rent a yacht, sail away to mysterious waters. In Kotor we have an extensive charter yacht fleet that's made of gulet yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts. By hiring a yacht in Kotor you can cruise its shores and coasts as you want, from time to time you can ask your captain to harbor the ship and tour around the city, hear out ancient maritime myths from the local residents and you can experience a vacation entwined with history and nature.

Gulet Charter in Kotor

Gulet charter in Kotor, gulet yachts are traditional wooden yachts that are identified with blue cruise and known as “Turkish Gulets” all over the world. You can choose the yacht suitable for your budget within the classes of our yacht charter fleet: economic, luxurious, deluxe and VIP gulets.

Motor Yacht Charter in Kotor

Motor yacht charter in Kotor, motor yachts are rather elegant yachts that are developed in means of technical equipment. In world yacht market the word “yacht” identified with motor yachts. Chartering a motor yacht in Kotor is usually the preference of our clients who wants to spend a relatively luxurious holiday. Motor yachts are much more developed in means of equipments, speed and decoration compared to other classes of charter yachts. You can take a look at our charter motor yacht fleet to rent a motor yacht in Kotor.

Bareboat Sailing Yacht and Catamaran Charter in Kotor

Bareboat yacht charter in Kotor, sailing yacht charter in Kotor is usually preferred by our clients who holds the necessary license to navigate a yacht. If you have the necessary license you can freely take a vacation that won't be erased from your memory for years to come by chartering a catamaran or a sailing yacht in Kotor. Generally sailing yacht rentals in Kotor is made without a personnel crew. Meaning in the yacht you've rented there would be nobody else other than you. However if you wish, by paying an extra charge, you can demand personnel crew such as a captain, a cook or a service personnel. Sailing yacht charter is usually a yacht vacation alternative suitable for small groups or people who prefer low-budget vacations.

Kotor charter yachts, you can choose your desired rental from our beautiful rental yachts to cruise on a blue cruise in Kotor. You can select a yacht according to your budget, groups and the number of people for Kotor Blue voyage holiday. Then determine your route yacht holiday of Kotor. Rent a yacht in Kotor via Dh Yachting.

Kotor Charter Yachts

Yacht Gulet Diva Deniz
Gulet Diva Deniz Starting
Cabin 6 Length 29 m
Yacht Gulet Derya Deniz
Gulet Derya Deniz Starting
Cabin 5 Length 24 m
Yacht Gulet Sude Deniz
Gulet Sude Deniz Starting
Cabin 7 Length 24 m

Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yachts

You can join a blue cruise where speed, power and aesthetic meet by renting a motor yacht.

Gulet Motorsailer Charter
Gulet Yachts

Turkish Gulets, gulets are wooden yachts which has a unique Turkish traditional design.

Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter

Bareboat are sailing yachts that usually rented by licensed persons without crew.

Catamaran Yacht Charter

They are sailing yachts which has more stable structure comprising from two assembled boats.

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