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Rent a Yacht in Marmaris

Rent a Yacht in Montenegro

Montenegro luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts or gulet yacht charter. Are you ready for a holiday experience where historical texture and natural beauties intertwine? Montenegro is one of the yacht charter locations with rapidly increasing popularity. Montenegro, where mediterranean climate rules over, has must-see natural beauties which are highly favorable to take a vacation on the sea. The most preferred charter yachts in Montenegro are gulets, sailing yachts and motor yachts. You can have a yacht vacation that won't be erased from your memory for years to come by benefiting from Montenegro yacht charter service and exploring coasts of Montenegro closely.

Gulet Charter in Montenegro

For you to charter a gulet and sign in for a blue cruise we have a fleet that is made of rather well-kept and elegant gulet yachts. At our gulet fleet in Montenegro, there are four main classes of charter yachts: economic, luxurious, deluxe and VIP gulet yachts. You can choose the suitable one for your budget from those four different yacht classes. After you're done with choosing the gulet yacht according to the number of people, your budget and the standard of the vacation you want to experience it comes down to determine the route you will follow through the shores of Montenegro, exploring it. Usually we let our customers choose the route to be taken during the gulet yacht vacations. Our team, each an expert in their fields, would be happy to help you to determine the most suitable route for you.

In every gulet of our charter yacht fleet there are at least three person on board: a captain, a cook and a sailor or a service personnel. While your captain makes sure that you're traveling safely on the route you determined and navigate the yacht, your cook will prepare indigenous food and treats for you. Progress of chartering a gulet at Montenegro via Dh Yachting is quite simple. It's enough for you to choose the charter gulet of your like and make a reservation. When the day of trip arrives, your gulet yacht will be waiting for you on the port which you will start your vacation, along with its cheerful personnel crew. When you prefer chartering a gulet yacht hire purchase, diesel fuel, standard taxes and personnel payment will all be included in your hire charge. You don't have to pay an extra charge for the personnel.

Bareboat Yacht Charter in Montenegro - Without Personnel Crew

You have to be a holder of the necessary license to navigate a yacht in order to charter a yacht without a personnel crew in Montenegro. If you have the necessary license you can choose and charter a sailing yacht or a catamaran from our charter yacht fleet offering service by the shores of Montenegro. Through this type of chartering you can charter the yacht without a personnel crew as well as you can request a captain or a cook by paying an extra charge. In Montenegro most preferred yachts to charter without a personnel crew are sailing yachts and catamarans.

Montenegro: As Dh Yachting, we offer a wide range of fleet of yachts to our valued customers for renting a yacht in Montenegro. Our Montenegro rental fleet consist of motor yachts, sailing yachts and traditional wooden gulet yachts. You can select the most suitable yacht according to your budget and groups for yacht charters in Montenegro. Then you can complete your yacht charter Montenegro booking.

Montenegro Yacht Charter Destinations

Montenegro Latest Charter Yachts

Gulet Diva Deniz
Gulet Diva Deniz Starting
Cabin 6 Length 29 m
Gulet Derya Deniz
Gulet Derya Deniz Starting
Cabin 5 Length 24 m
Gulet Sude Deniz
Gulet Sude Deniz Starting
Cabin 7 Length 24 m
Seagull II
Seagull II Starting
Cabin 7 Length 54 m
Princess Iolanthe
Princess Iolanthe Starting
Cabin 5 Length 46 m
Pegasus Starting
Cabin 6 Length 52 m

About Montenegro

Motor Yacht Charter
Motor Yachts

You can join a blue cruise where speed, power and aesthetic meet by renting a motor yacht.

Gulet Motorsailer Charter
Gulet Yachts

Turkish Gulets, gulets are wooden yachts which has a unique Turkish traditional design.

Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter

Bareboat are sailing yachts that usually rented by licensed persons without crew.

Catamaran Yacht Charter

They are sailing yachts which has more stable structure comprising from two assembled boats.

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